Where will lessons be held at?

-Kovan Studio(Iglow): 39 Lowland Road,Singapore 547441. (Near Kovan MRT)

Opening hours?

Payment Mode?

-Bank transfer preferred.
-Cash only accepted for 4-Session/12-Session package standard enrolment students and 'regular'  Adhoc students.

-PayPal available for overseas client.

What To Bring?

-Voice recorder (Handphone / iPad / mp3 recorder / etc)

-Music Song mp3 Files 


Studio is too far/Staying overseas?

-Online Skype Lessons are Available!

Why should I take vocal lessons and how long should I commit?

-Taking regular vocal lessons will help to build and strengthen your new learned vocal cord coordination and muscle memory. With proper guidance and regular commitment, progression will be more evident. 


-With good vocal technique developed through regular vocal lessons, it reduces the chances of vocal problems that may threaten your vocal health to arise and it will create consistency in your vocal performances. This consistency creates space for more freedom to emote and express while singing, balanced together with healthy and good vocal technique.

-Students are advised to commit to regular lessons for at least 3-6 months weekly to be able to retain and incorporate new vocal cord coordination.

Note: The progression of every student may vary according to their individual needs and many other factors (Old habits,commitment,health etc...)