Lone Microphone

  Private Vocal Lessons

  Personalized Vocal Lesson tailored to each student needs  

Vocal Lessons:

For your first lesson, a voice assessment will be carried out to understand your voice better. Thereafter, a personalized set of vocal exercises will be designed just to suit your voice to experience vocal chords coordination and achieve vocal balance. Last but not least, you will learn how to apply vocal balance to your desired song choice.

Learning Stages:

Stage One:       
Experience and establish
(Chest voice(lower range) and head voice(higher range))


Stage Two:
(Establish connection between chest voice and head voice)

Stage Three:
(Achieve vocal coordination for vocal balance)

Stage Four:
(Reduce extrinsic muscular involvement to allow resting laryngeal position)


Stage Five:

(Develop vibrato, duration and dynamics)

Stage Six:
Song application using vocal balance

Advantages of vocal lessons:

-Improve and widen your vocal range
-Gain better control over your voice
-Reduce sudden change in voice from low to high notes
-Sing with ease and prevent damage to voice
-Obtain better stamina
-Improve sense of rhythm, pitch and aural competency